The Closed Shop is all about Quizzes, and we suspect you are too … sooo!

Wednesday Bingo Quiz 8.30pm

25 questions and 5 rounds of general knowledge is all that stands between you and a £20 drinks voucher. And if you get the first line? It’s the obligatory alcohol prize for you.

The Quiz starts at 8.30 (…ish) and is free to enter, so get down early, grab a seat, and get some food down you – can’t be quizzing on an empty stomach!

Here’s a look at a previous quiz to give you an idea of what it’s all about!

Sunday Quiz 8.30pm

Sunday sees the Landlord Andy pop down to deliver his 20 question quiz (plus bonus round) with its usual array of politics, wrestling, and generous sprinklings of questions featuring R Kelly; all somehow thematically linked in ways somewhat tenuous and guaranteed to generate the ultimate in ‘ooooh’ noises.

Winner gets a £20 quiz voucher, with a raffle draw for the obligatory alcohol prize. Get down early, get our Sunday Roast down you, and grab a seat while you can. It can get a wee bit busy!